Password Management System


Now days, we all use too much online services. Whether its online shopping or electricity / telephone bill pay or payment transfer or tickets booking or banking services or insurance services or even in case we have multiple computers, we have different passwords. No one can remember all the passwords at any time.

Here, password management system come into role. You can store all passwords at one place and can access them anywhere.

Password Management System let you save your all passwords at one place in encrypted form. You can categorize password and can store users information too. You can install it on Linux web hosting and can use it on any devices like Desktop, iPad, iPhone etc..

This system is used to manage ( add / edit / delete ) your passwords. Passwords can be of any categories as per following choices or you can make your own categories as per your need.:

  • Social
  • Personal
  • Official
  • E-commerce
  • Grocery Stores
  • Bank
  • Web
  • SEO

Main Features:

Manage Passwords :

Easily Manage all your passwords at one place. Anytime you an add new password or edit any existing password or can delete any of the passwords. The main feature is you can do almost everything without the page reload. you can do all CRUD operations using bootstrap modal popups which shows you instant results.

Manage Users

Not only passwords, you can also add different users with their email and basis information. Anytime you an add new user or edit any existing user or can delete any of the user.

Password Encryption

All passwords present in database are totally encrypted. No one can decrypt the passwords easily as the encryption method we use is AES-128-CTR which belongs to Advanced Encryption standards. Even somebody hacks your .

Secure login / logout

Everything present in password management system can be accessed via a secure login. You can not access dashboard or any of the pages without login.

Plugins Used

Boostrap4 User Interface
Jquery Datatables


Latest version of PHP / Mysql

Demo Link:

Password Management System – Click Here